VIDEO ON DEMAND: I Hate Alone | Katie Johnstone


Directors' Playground is a season of double bills of contemporary theatre presented by Bristol Old Vic Theatre School's graduating directors:
Silk Road | Kyoto - LIVE STREAM (6 May) - VIDEO ON-DEMAND (12-14 May)
I Hate Alone | Katie Johnstone - LIVE STREAM (7 May) - VIDEO ON-DEMAND (13-15 May)
Chef | Toy Plastic Chicken - LIVE STREAM (8 May) - VIDEO ON-DEMAND (14-16 May)

I Hate Alone

Written by Ellen Brammar | Directed by Jessy Roberts | Desgined by Tish Mantripp | Music by James Frewer

‘If you’ve ever fucked us over, you better watch out.’

After their band ‘Disabled Barbie’ gets turned down by a snooty record label, Danielle and Chloe are done with being trampled on. Their solution is to make a list of everyone who’s ever wronged them or stopped them from getting what they wanted. Come with them as they cause chaos in order to take their vengeance, spurred on by an anarchic soundtrack. I Hate Alone is a rip-roaring piece of gig theatre about injustice, revenge, and how far you’d go for a friend.

Katie Johnstone

Written by Luke Barnes | Directed by Frazer Meakin | Designed by Charlotte Hurrell

‘When I make my millions this place will be like Magaluf or Las Vegas or something, it will be the best place in the world.’

Can dreams and hope make you a millionaire? Katie Johnstone is a girl with ambitions who wants to help the town she loves, start a business that will make millions, all while gardening and writing poems like Alex Turner. Everyone else wants her to get a boyfriend and get a job in a supermarket. But Katie Johnstone isn’t like everyone else. Nothing will get in her way. Join Katie as she sings, dances and shouts to let the world know, now is the time to be more than ordinary. Be prepared to make a difference.


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Running Time: 2 hours (with interval)


Suitable for ages 14+